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These growing list of tools shall help you to evangelize, educate and inspire about the climate crisis and how to solve it fastest.

Unless noted otherwise the tools are released under the Creative Commons Share Alike 4.0 license. So feel free to use them, spread the word and inspire as many people as possible to take action for our transformation to a climate positive civilization.

How might John F.Kennedy rephrase for an earthshot

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What might John F.Kennedy tell us so we believe we can transform into a climate positive civilization within a decade?

Version 1.0 (7th of May 2021)


John F.Kennedy inspired a whole nation and large parts of the world to believe in an to achieve the moonshot in 1961 – to develop everything needed for bringing a man to the moon and returning him safely to the earth – within a decade (about 8 years). And they achieved it.

If John F.Kennedy would still be around and also would see the climate crisis as a global challenge we need to address within a decade (which is what the numbers of scientists tell us crystal clearly) how would he rephrase his challenge for mankind to pick up and achieve the global transformation to climate positive within a decade?

This shareable image shows this imaginery rephrasing for you to share with the world and inspire your audiences.

I changed the colour of the rephrased words so you quickly can distinguish between the original words and the new ones related to our climate action earthshot.

Why use it?

We need to encourage ourselves that we start believing we can achieve such an extraordinary goal as transforming to a climate positive civilization within one decade. The same as John F. Kennedy was able to inspire the whole nation of the United States to believe in it and simply achieve it.

For a longer time I was thinking how would John F.Kennedy rephrase his moonshot to an endeavour for all mankind to achieve the climate transformation within a decade.

In his inspiring TED Countdown Talk from October 2020 Prince William calls for Earthshots to repair our planet and also refers to John F.Kennedy's moonshot which also was achieved in a decade. (1,593,671 views) and also on YouTube (264,364 views, together 1.858,035 views)

After watching this I sat down and rephrased JFK's words watching his original 1961 speech:

I believe that this nation
should commit itself
to achieving the goal,
before this decade is out, of
landing a man on the moon
and returning him safely to the earth.

I believe that MANKIND
should commit itself
to achieving the goal,
before this decade is out, of

The Image of JFK is public domain from: Wikipedia.

The Earth and moon are 3D assets I own and modified for this shot.

How can I use it? Just share it over social media or put it into your presentation or video. If this helps us to inspire people in believing we can achieve this global challenge we should share it with as many people as possible. Should we strive for a billion views? You can make this a reality.

Acknowledgements: CC-BY SA 4.0 by , Joerg Osarek.

Levels of Corporate Planetary Responsibility (CPR)

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This tool beautifully renders and describes levels or corporate (and organizational) planetary responsibility.

Version 1.0 (21st of April 2021)


This tool shows and describes the levels or corporate (and organizational) planetary responsibility and their transformational power for the future success of your organization using an appealing Art Deco style to encourage your teams and your audience.

It describes levels of corporate planetary responsibility and provides star ratings from 0 stars (not playing) to 5 stars (Grand Master and Evangelist) for 10x Climate Transformation approaches.

Why use it?

The tool provides a maturity model to help you, your team and audience to understand their current position and possible future path of their organizational climate transformation. We put great effort into creating it in an appealing way using an encouraging Art Deco style.

Acknowledgements: CC-BY SA 4.0 by , Joerg Osarek.