The Climate Hackerz Think- and Action-Tank

Our Mission is the transformation into a climate positive civilization within ten years.

Ambitious? Sure. Naive? Maybe. But we believe this is the only option we have if we want to thrive as civilization and qualify for the 22nd century.
So we operate the following Action Units.


We evangelize the world - not only about Climate Change, but also about: How can we take dedicated action and how awesome will our future be after we did.

The Climate Hackerz Action Team™ - C.H.A.T.

Check out our Tools section for enhancing your own spreading of the word about the climate positive transformation

R & D & Share & mass adoption

Low Tech R&D (Research- and Development) & Sharing & organizing mass adoption.

Business Consulting for the climate positive transformation

The Climate Transformation Travel Guide

Reiseführer durch die Klimatransformation

Inspire and incubate Game Changing models

like SOLAREZEP: We inspire and incubate with exceptional approaches to transform industries to a profitable climate positive business to their advantage in the coming decades. Have a look at SOLAREZEP - Emission free passenger air cruise built following the cradle-to-cradle-principle - our contribution to the changemaker challenge of Lufthansa Innovation Hub in October 2019.

NEW! - Hackathon winner
3DTWINZ - 3D synthetic dataset pipeline